D'bun 2021 Lunar New Year Celebration!

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D'bun 2021 Lunar New Year Celebration!

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D'bun 2021 Lunar New Year Celebration!

D'bun 2021 Lunar New Year Celebration!

From everyone at D'bun, we would like to wish everyone a blessed a Happy New Year! May everyone's 2021 be filled with joy, happiness, countless blessings, love, good health and most importantly stay safe!

2020 has not been easy and we would like to thank everyone for your continuos support for the past year. Your continuos support is the reason why we are still here today and we are so grateful to everyone!

We have a range of amazing cookies and festive goodies lined up for everyone this Lunar New Year! From our signature buttery pineapple tarts to savoury, fragrant carrot cake, there is bound to be something for everyone!

What's new this year?

insta ingot S
Auspicious Golden Pineapple Tart

Our signature buttery, amazing goodness in the shape on ingots! We upped the ante this year and made it even more buttery! Soft, buttery, melt in your mouth crust with tangy pineapple paste that gives you the perfect balance in flavour! You can't stop at one!


cashew nut insta                     walnut cookies S
Crispy Cashew Nut Cookies                                     Crispy Walnut Cookies

These light, airy, siew dai cookies are absolutely delicious! Made with the finest ingredients and freshly roasted nuts, these cookies are absolutely addictive and a huge hit this year!


carrot cake S
Signature Carrot Cake

Our popular carrot cake has gotten an upgrade! This year, our signature handmade special carrot cake has premium XO chinese sausage as well as chestnuts mixed into it and steamed to a soft, creamy box of perfection. A definite must try! 


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