Hokkien Dumping (no Salted egg)

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Hokkien Dumping (no Salted egg)

Rice Dumplings

Rice Dumplings

Hokkien Dumpling (no Salted egg)

  • $5.00

Succulent, thick and juicy pork belly slices along with mushrooms and chestnut wrapped around marinated fragrant moist glutinous rice.

All our rice dumplings are freshly made daily in limited quantities to ensure the best quality. We highly recommend pre-ordering in advance to ensure that you can get our yummy dumplings!

Please kindly note that we would require minimum 2 days advanced pre-order.
If orders placed for next day delivery, please kindly note that stock is subjected to availability and cannot be confirmed even if payment has been made.

Please note there is a minimum purchase of 2 pieces per dumpling.

All dumplings are best stored in the refridgerator for freshness.
Our dumplings can last 3 weeks in the fridge and up to 6 weeks in the freezer.


This product has a minimum quantity of 2